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John McCain’s speeches show signs of clinical depression, study finds

September 18, 2008

Senator Barack Obama is able to invoke emotion while John McCain addresses show signs of clinical depression, a scientific study has discovered.

John_mccain_miserableUsing ever more sophisticated software and mathematical algorithms, scientists are increasingly able to pick apart political speeches. They analyzed language, pitch, tone and facial expressions to get a clue as to whether politicians are being sincere. To prove the point David Skillicorn, a mathematics and computer science researcher at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, analyzed the speeches of John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, during the election race.

His findings published in the New Scientist concluded that even though the candidates receive training and have their speeches written for them, personal traits still shine through. While each of the 150 speeches studied varied no matter who was delivering them. McCain’s speeches fall flat and even showed signs of someone with clinical depression. His voice changes little in pitch as he speaks, and so conveys very little emotion or impact, it was said. Clinton was more neutral.

Mr. Skillicorn has developed an algorithm that evaluates word usage within the text of a conversation or speech to determine when a person “presents themselves or their content in a way that does not necessarily reflect what they know to be true”. “The important thing to recognize is that politicians aren’t typically good at out-and-out lies, but they are very adept at dancing around the truth,” Mr. Skillicorn concluded.



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My Experience with Oxytocin

To whom it may concern…

Acting on the advice of a colleague, I acquired a bottle of a sublingual homeopathic oxytocin (AKA Oxytocin Accelerator). Frankly, I really wasn’t expecting much. Was I wrong! After a couple of weeks I can say that my experiences with it been both profound and subtle.  I feel that it has greatly increased my mental, spiritual, and emotional awareness. It has, I believe, blended a bridge and connection between the higher planes of creativity and consciousness and facilitated manifesting that energy into the physical.  This is a difficult process to explain in words, but I will try.

For many months I have been studying for my real estate broker’s exam–in classes and by correspondence. For the past 37+ years I have been actively involved in real estate buying, selling, developing, leasing and managing for myself and others. This is an arena in which I am very well versed; however, with all the time commitments and distractions of the nitty gritty, applying the time-energy, lessons, and pretestings has been very long and drawn out. After a few days on Oxytocin, I awoke at 2 am wide awake.  Rather than toss and turn for hours thinking about what I needed to do in the morning, I arose and began studying my correspondence course.

Within 3 1/2 hrs I had read & completed 2 entire lessons–digesting and understanding the complicated material, taking 4 practice tests, and finishing the final exams. Prior to the Oxytocin this had not been possible. Besides real estate,in other portions of my life, radionics, radiesthesia, chromotherapy, and chromosonics, the results have been even more remarkable. I am an esoteric physician and work with the  subtle energy fields of plants, animals, and people. My ability to connect with what is needed has risen to new and startling levels.

Recent example:

A client called me because his horse had a serious injury and wasn’t responding to conventional vet-med treatment. I was able to devise new applications of color which hadn’t been available before–the horse is alert, happy, and almost well. Another horse almost cut its tongue in half.  The vet said the only thing they could do was to cut the tongue off.  I suggested they let me “think about it.”  I was able to concoct a water remedy using various vibrations which were applied to his neck and head, and mouth.  He is quickly healing.

Where did this kind of original thought come from?  I believe it came from an expanded consciousness which was made possible by Oxytocin. Two remarkable case histories have come forward since Oxytocin:

#1  An 85 year old woman in constant pain for 30+ years:  her left shoulder and arm. After new treatment, all natural, for 3 weeks she  has been able to sleep all night, is mobile, happy, and  is pain free!

#2  A 55 year old woman, extremely stressed, suffering from debilitating migraines:  2 treatments and her life is completely changed.

These treatments were innovative and even new to me.  Where did these concepts for treatment come from?  How to apply old technologies in new ways?  I contend that Oxytocin in some very quiet and subtle manner opened the silent centers in SELF and allowed a new, exciting presence to emerge and take on the form it was always intended to be.

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