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The Oxytocin Connection – Part 1


      Lovedrugtee2I’d heard about oxytocin a few years ago in the context that it was the “magical” hormone that bonded a couple together. The oxytocin effect, from the little I knew about it, was that indefinable something that made it more difficult for a woman to leave a lover after they’d done the deed. It seemed to me to be quite mysterious and alluring. Between all the hormones that Nature gave us, there was oxytocin…the “fun” hormone. It didn’t carry the baggage of estrogen or the brute force of testosterone. It wasn’t responsible for putting you to sleep like melatonin, stressing you out like cortisol or causing controversy like human growth hormone. Oxytocin was all about pleasure, love, bonding, empathy and trust.

      Where was the struggle in that? Where was the stress? Where was the built in fear? Could it be that Nature had provided a hormone that activated all the magnificent things in life that made us feel good about waking up and walking into the day with renewed energy and adventure? Was it really possible that, through oxytocin, we could tap into the most beautiful, life-affirming sensation imaginable? The answer is yes. A resounding yes.

Oxy1      I didn’t think much more about this exceptional hormone until I was doing research for another book and I ran across an article quite by accident that touted natural ways to induce oxytocin in the body. Sexual intercourse, massage and meditation were top on the list. Reading further, I learned that a few very ingenious companies were investigating the use of oxytocin in a homeopathic form. Since injectable oxytocin has a short lifespan in the body (and because injecting anything in my body is not something I would relish) and since ingesting oxytocin in a pill is worthless since the hormone is destroyed by stomach acid, I surmised that the homeopathic delivery was an interesting possibility. As someone who has studied homeopathy for some time, I understand the “like cures like” approach and have personally experienced many positive resolutions to health problems using homeopathic remedies. So, yes, homeopathic oxytocin made sense to me. If anything, I wanted to try it and see if it could be used as an accelerant — a non-toxic, natural way to wake up my body’s reserves of oxytocin.

Oxy2      So, I gave it the ol’ college try.  I’ve got an adventurous spirit and I’m always up for trying anything once. I experimented with various low potency homeopathic forms of oxytocin until I found one that really worked for me. I knew it worked because I felt this gentle shift happening inside of me. Low potency homeopathic medicines never shout their effects; rather, they kindly remind you where your body is supposed to be focusing and then your body gradually moves in that direction. That’s exactly what happened with the homeopathic oxytocin.

      But I’m just one person. Maybe it was a placebo effect. That’s when I turned to my husband. What’s a good researcher without a reliable test subject? Since the man has been on the receiving end of countless natural remedies and professes to be a “professional guinea pig,” he agreed to give the oxytocin a trial. Now I could observe, like any good researcher, and watch for any subtle changes that the homeopathic oxytocin might produce.

Kiss      It didn’t take long. Within days, I noticed a profound deepening of my husband’s feelings toward me. It was as if he was re-connecting with a part of his senses that had been napping for a long time. Now they were suddenly reawakened. It wasn’t that  he became the dreaded “New Age Sensitive Male.” Instead, the truest, best and most honest part that belonged only to him emerged and blossomed. All the static around his fears and concerns dialed down big time. I watched as he was able to explore new and creative solutions to resolve problems in his life.

      It motivated both of us to explore how to naturally activate oxytocin in our bodies. There was a renewed bond to life, love and the future. The closer bond we shared reminded both of us why we came together and why, with all the stress and uncertainty in our daily worlds, at the core of it all is the grace and power of love.

      If that sounds woo-woo, so be it. When you begin to reconnect with your heart, it’s a powerful and life-affirming experience. The fact that Nature in her infinite wisdom saw fit to provide all of us with the hormone that could lead us in that direction is awe-inspiring. Use this book to find out how to experience this feeling for yourself and see how others have benefited from oxytocin.

      Because here’s the best part of all: When you learn how to generate more oxytocin in your body, the glass isn’t just half full, it’s overflowing.

Oxytocin is an FDA controlled substance!

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